Difference Between Clickbank And CJ Affiliate

Difference Between Click bank And Commission Junction Affiliate

Difference Between Click bank And Commission Junction Affiliate. In order to know the difference between them, we must get to know a detailed definition of each one of them.

First: Let's get to know Ali about click bank, as well as CJ

First: What is a ClickBank Affiliate Marketing?

Click Bank .This site considered one of the most important sites for selling products

 This website based on the affiliate marketing process. ClickBank is a network of thousands of sites, more than 11,000 sites selling digital products.

 As a marketer, you will get a commission for every person who buys a product through the link that you get from ClickBank for this product

A site that sells digital products. Each of them pays a commission to the individuals who promote their products.

 As a marketer, you will get a commission for every person who buys a product through the link that you get from ClickBank for this product.

Forgetting the sale commission is between  5% to 75%,

 To market the products of these companies through ClickBank,

 All you have to do is write an article and send it through a website through the Internet, and when visitors read your article and click on your link and buy the product, you get Commission.

What is the Commission Junction company Affiliate Marketing?

Commission Junction Affiliate . a company to profit from the Internet is a company that gives you products for it

Marketing it and you can choose the product to be marketed and from here the company will give you a percentage of

The profits that come to it from your marketing of its product, and this company is well-established with profit from the Internet, a commission selling company

The site is considered one of the best and most expensive sites for commission marketing because it is characterized by a large commission rate of up to 75% on the products sold,

 As it is ranked third after the ClickBank site, which indicates the extent of the importance of this site

Second, let's find out how to profit from both Click bank and CJ Affiliate

How to earn from click bank site?

·        First, you must study the good products currently available and see if they are suitable for Facebook members, and we will learn how to find a good product later in the context of the topic.

And exploring the available products will expand your knowledge of what are the appropriate products for marketing on Facebook, what I mean is that each product falls under a specific niche or field.

·        Merchants can also make more money from Clickbank Referral Program Scheme. If you can convince the owner of another product to register with Clickbank, you will receive 22%, and a small percentage of each product and then go on sale using the service.

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How to earn from Commission Junction site

How to earn from Commission Junction site?

·        The first thing to do after the registration process

·        Log in to account and put your personal data in Administrative Settings

·        Log in to Network Profile and complete the page (describe the marketing method that you will follow and choose the promotion methods that the site offers you).

·        Entering the website and adding your site with a short description of your site
How to choose the offers on the site
Enter the advertisers from the top bar
You can specify the field in which you want to promote by clicking on the word Category, which you can find at the bottom on the left of the page

Click bank Site Advantages

ClickBank is ideal because they have a lot of marketers ready and waiting for promotion.

ClickBank is an excellent way to get people to buy your product through marketers. As a product owner, all you need to do is create an account and set a price for your product. ClickBank will then give you a sales button code that you can place on your site.

Very high commissions: Most ClickBank products pay more than 70% more, if you sell a $ 100 product, you will earn $ 70 because their digital products mean there are no “production” costs or “shipping” costs or any other costs usually associated with physical products, Hence the commissions are high.

Fast Pay: You get paid weekly or bi-weekly. Many affiliate networks pay on a NET 30 basis, which means they keep your money for 30 days after it is earned. This can be a huge inconvenience and create cash return issues especially if you are managing paid traffic.

Easy for beginners: Some marketing companies are strict when it comes to accepting you as a new affiliate. Because they are usually afraid of swindlers who could jeopardize the relationship of a business with advertisers and sellers by using vague promotional techniques. While this caution is sometimes good, it is also difficult for newcomers to register with these networks.

Commission Junction site Advantages

As this company is all over the world, and it includes a lot of in-kind or digital products in many areas, but the profit rate is not fixed,

but rather varies according to the value of the product and the speed of sale, and it is possible to join the company’s team quite easily,

 only an active website is required You have little experience in the field, and then choose the right product and start promoting it, and the company support team

accepts requests from marketers very quickly without the trouble of waiting, which is one of its most important features.

Top Website Categories

Website categories where the Commission Junction company Affiliate Marketing by Conversant is being used


Website Category


People & Society



Arts & Entertainment


Website categories where Click Bank Affiliate used


Website Category


People & Society


Arts & Entertainment



Business & Industry


Internet & Telecom


How To Get Started With Commission Junction Affiliate ?

·        Commission Junction is a very popular affiliate marketplace and very recently they have been rebranded as CJ Affiliate by Conversant . So even if you have if you have any confusion regarding the name they should not be after this .

·        Today we will talk about ,, How to sign up for Commission Junction and apply for your first affiliate program Commission Junction is a little more difficult to get used to than Click bank , but with a little bit of practice you'll be able to whizz around it in no time .

·         To get started with Commission Junction go to the homepage at www.cj.com and click on get started Commission Junction , calls affiliates publishers to become a publisher , click on the publisher image which should be highlighted in blue .

·        To begin the sign-up process click on get started , now on the next page select I do not have a CJ publisher account and wish to sign up . now you're in the sign-up form select your language country and the currency you wish to use and click Next

·        Be aware that the currency you select is the one shown when using Commission Junction ie checking out Commission's viewing your income etc , and doesn't have an effect on which currency you get paid in .

·        however , make sure you've selected the correct currency since this cannot be changed later you must then read through Commission Junction's publisher service agreement . 

·        Make sure you agree with their terms and conditions their code of conduct and their privacy policy , also be aware that you must be over 18 to sign up for Commission Junction , and authorized to act on behalf of a company if you're signing up as a company .

How To Get Started With Commission Junction Affiliate ?

·        Now you get to enter the useful information , you must put in details about your website if you have more than one website just enter the details of your best or most prominent website . You can add information about the others later . Now fill out your details and how you prefer to be paid once you've filled out all this information click accept terms .

·        your application will be submitted for processing within the next 15 to 20 minutes . You should receive an email from Commission Junction that contains your login information to login to Commission Junction .

·        go to the home page and use the client login at the top right hand corner , once you've logged into Commission Junction one of the first things you'll need to do is fill out your tax information ,

·        the specifics of this will depend on whether you're inside or outside the US , but to fill it out go to your account settings click on administrative settings . 

·        Then edit your tax information please make sure you read the forms carefully . to make sure you have the right one right . let's approach some advertisers to apply for programs we need to go to the get links tab , this will put you in the general category sub tab from here .

·        you can find advertisers in your specific niche.  I'm going to take a look in the health and wellness niche ,

·        once you've selected your niche you'll be presented with a list .

·        The company is focused in let's apply to an advertiser , I'm going to select the first one from the health and wellness niche . to apply you can click on the company's name to pull up their details 

·        here you can read more information about them how the Commission works , if there are any restrictions around using links most publishers will restrict bidding on their trademarked names ,

·        some publishers include other specific restrictions .

·        So make sure you've read the details carefully ,

·        once you're ready to apply just click on apply to program know that some programs will automatically reject you for whatever reason , you know if they're too new etc ,

·        but otherwise most advertiser applications will sit in a queue until they either authorize , or fine you for now you'll just have to wait until your applications are approved

How To Get Started With Commission Junction Affiliate ?

What are the basics of Click bank and Commission Junction Affiliate ?

Click Bank Basics

·        Click Bank is a huge network with countless products you can pick through for your partner. Where many individuals turn out badly is they go excessively expansive. Much like Amazon, you need to pick a niche and bet everything with it  In case you're excessively wide, you don't have the SEO focus to get clients in, and the nature of your traffic will be more awful .

·        many individuals simply search for Click Bank associate items with high commissions and go for them, dismissing the opposition . Click Bank, being a large and popular network, has a lot of clients.

·        It's a simple way to make money with Click Bank  to become an 'affiliate' which means you get paid commission for making sales of other people's products . You leave the whole task of product creation, web sales copy, order processing and customer support . with click bank  your job will be simply to get the word out about the product

·        Click Bank charges themselves as a worldwide Internet retailer, with more than 200 million clients around the globe . Their landing page is put with included notices, offers and their payouts .

·        There's a hostile to maturing course for $79.99, a moving course for $14.95, a sugar detox for $67, and a melodic course for $10. Obviously, these are the costs to subscribe, not really the costs an affiliate marketer

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Commission Junction Basics

·        One of the greatest advantages of Commission Junction over Click bank and different systems is that a ton of acclaimed, exceedingly perceived items can be found in their frame work .

·        You don't need to pay some dues to persuade your perusers that the items you offer are authentic , they'll have known about them and as of now know .

·        Their publisher page starts by promoting dependable following and solid installments, like Click bank . They go ahead to discuss their vigorous investigation, and additionally their consistence with outsider systems . Specifically, they brag ongoing exchange

·        So you don't need to hold up days to see whether a client acquired through your link .

·        Another fascinating element past the standard is deep link automation. A content you can put on your site screens joins you make, and any connection that goes to a CJ advertiser's domain into a partner interface.

·        You don't need to explicitly discover and enlist in those offers; it's altogether improved the situation you by the content. Obviously, it's JavaScript, so any client who peruses with JavaScript turned off will stay away from those connections

·        They additionally publicize their CJ Performer program, which is an exceptional help and instructional class


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